finish date less holidays

I input holidays/sickenss etc into individual resource calendars for each 
When I extend a resourced task into the holiday period of that resource the 
Finish date does not calculate the last day worked, but instead the last 
duration day. 

Is it possible to get this info?

many thanks
6/4/2010 2:54:00 PM
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It is in the finish field of the assignment line in Task Usage.

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"ellebelle" <> wrote in message
>I input holidays/sickenss etc into individual resource calendars for each
> resource.
> When I extend a resourced task into the holiday period of that resource 
> the
> Finish date does not calculate the last day worked, but instead the last
> duration day.
> Is it possible to get this info?
> many thanks 

6/4/2010 6:11:30 PM

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