Z Report #7

Hi everyone,

I need to understand the X Report. Specially when you use layaways, is not 
clear to me where it shows the payments against the final sale.

Is there a document that would explain each line of this report???



sacha1 (37)
4/2/2008 8:39:58 PM
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can't remember where I found this.  hope it helps

Register - Number given to register where report was produced
Batch Number - The number assigned by Store Operations to identify the 
current batch.
Batch Status - Shows whether the batch is closed or not
Start Date - Date when batch begins
Start Time - Time when batch begins
End Date - Date when batch ends
End Time - Time when batch ends
Opening Total - Amount initially in cash drawer when the cash register is 
Sales - Amount of total sales before taxes
Returns - Amount of money given for all returns
Tax - Amount of sales tax added for all sales
Paid On Layaway - Amount paid to all layaway plans
Paid To Account - Amount paid towards customers balance
Deposit Made - Amount of deposits for layaways and work orders
Total - Total amount of above items
Paid Out - Amount removed from cash drawer
Dropped - Amount removed for bank drop off
Layaway Closed - Amount paid to close any layaways
Paid on Account - Amount charged on account
Deposit Redeemed - Amount for returned deposit
Closing Total - Total amount in cash drawer when closing
Total - Total amount of above items
Over/Short	 - Amount cash drawer is over or short
Total Tendered - Amount of money totaled for all transactions
Total Change - Amount of change returned to customers
Discounts - Amount for discounts given
Cost of Goods - Total cost price for items sold
Commission - Amount of commission given to employees
Customer Count - Number of customers for this batch
No Sales - 	Number of times the cashier opens the drawer when there is no 
sales transaction
Aborted Trans - Number of aborted transactions
Tax Collected - Amount of sales tax collected
(Open) - Amount entered in cash drawer by tender at start
(Shift) - Amount collected by tender for all transactions
(Close) - Amount entered in cash drawer by tender at close
(Even) - Amount cash drawer is over, short or even by tender
(Count) - Number of payments for this batch by tender
Department Sales - Sales by department and percentage of sales by department
Hourly Sales - Sales by hour and count of sales by hour

"Sacha Favelevic" wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I need to understand the X Report. Specially when you use layaways, is not 
> clear to me where it shows the payments against the final sale.
> Is there a document that would explain each line of this report???
> Thanks,
> Sacha 
Amy (241)
4/3/2008 4:51:01 PM

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