tracking failed logon attempts

we occasionally have issues where someone tries to login with someone elses 
cashier ID.  i put together a way of tracking which workstation the logon 
attempt was made from, and when it was made, and thought i would share it 
with whomever would like to see it.  first i created a new table:

CREATE TABLE [c_CaptureFailedLogons] (
[ID] [int] IDENTITY (1,1) NOT NULL,
[CashierID] [int] NOT NULL,
[ClientComputerName] nvarchar(30) NOT NULL,
[Comments] nvarchar(30) NOT NULL DEFAULT (''),
[Time] [datetime] NOT NULL, 
[DBTimeStamp] [timestamp] NULL )

then i created an UPDATE trigger on the Cashier table:

CREATE TRIGGER tr_LoginAttempt
ON Cashier

IF  (SELECT FailedLogonAttempts FROM INSERTED) > 0
    DECLARE @Cashier INT
    SELECT @Cashier = Number FROM INSERTED
    INSERT INTO c_CaptureFailedLogons (CashierID, ClientComputerName, Time)
    VALUES (@Cashier, Host_Name(), GetDate())

it inserts a new record into the new table, whenever there is a change to 
one of the records in the cashier table but only when the change to the table 
changes the FailedLogonAttempts column value to something other than zero.

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1/31/2006 6:17:28 PM
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