Hi Mates,

I am using MRMS 2.0 and my log files size is multiplying very fast. 

Tried doing the database shrinking and making the recovery mode to simple.

Still the log files size is mulitplying. 

Is there any fix for this from microsoft.

Thanks in Advance

RK (47)
11/30/2008 5:07:01 AM
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1) With both the original .MDF and .LDF files located where they supposed to 
be, run RMS Admin and select the database you want to shrink.

2) Issue this query to find the log device name: SELECT FILE_NAME(2). This 
will return the name of your log device (in our case, we called the database 
SS1 and the log device name is Store1_log).

3) Issue this query: DBCC SHRINKFILE (Store1_log, 1). If this does not 
shrink the file, proceed to the next step

4) Issue this query: BACKUP LOG SS2 WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY  (Replace SS2 with 
the name of your database FOR EXAMPLE  RMS_Store1)

5) Then run this query: DBCC SHRINKFILE (Store1_log, 1)

Afshin Alikhani -

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"RK" <> wrote in message
> Hi Mates,
> I am using MRMS 2.0 and my log files size is multiplying very fast.
> Tried doing the database shrinking and making the recovery mode to simple.
> Still the log files size is mulitplying.
> Is there any fix for this from microsoft.
> Thanks in Advance
> RK 

afshin (783)
11/30/2008 5:28:53 AM

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