Monthly Item sales Report - Cross tab

I was looking for a cross-tab (spreadsheet style) report created by RMS 
that would put Months across the top (columns) and Items for the rows. 
It would be great to be able to see Qty on hand. The report would look 
something like:

Lookup code  Description  On Hand  Month 1  Month 2  Month 3  Month 4 
Month 5  Month 6
12345678       Test Item         67         125         80          100 
        110         100        88
87654321        Another Item   25          80          60           95 
        147        158        68

This is a great tool for seeing monthly trends as well as forecasting, 
and determining reorder points and levels


3/7/2006 12:08:07 PM
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I've found the most flexible way is to do a database query in Excel. This is 
exactly what I do:

Pull the entire contents of the ITEM table into a worksheet. You will need 
this for Quantity on Hand.

Get the entire Transaction Detail table on another table (you may want to 
filter by date or trans# if you have a lot of sales).

You will need to do some formulas to put the months on the transaction 
details sheet.

Run a pivot table and format it to look like your example.

Use an INDEX/MATCH formula to put the quantity on hand next to the pivot 

I'm sure there is an EASIER way, but I like pivot tables. I'd marry pivot 
tables if they were a person (or if my state defined marriage as one man and 
one Excel tool).


"Jay" wrote:

> I was looking for a cross-tab (spreadsheet style) report created by RMS 
> that would put Months across the top (columns) and Items for the rows. 
> It would be great to be able to see Qty on hand. The report would look 
> something like:
> Lookup code  Description  On Hand  Month 1  Month 2  Month 3  Month 4 
> Month 5  Month 6
> 12345678       Test Item         67         125         80          100 
>         110         100        88
> 87654321        Another Item   25          80          60           95 
>         147        158        68
> This is a great tool for seeing monthly trends as well as forecasting, 
> and determining reorder points and levels
> Thanks
> Jay
Jason4159 (666)
3/7/2006 7:03:28 PM

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