Kit or Assembly

I want to be able to create a kit or assembly, using a Matrix Item Lookup 
Number.  I sell bowling equipment and the kit to contain the Matrix of one 
particule ball with the various weights, shoes with various sizes and 
different bags for one price.  When trying to do this, I have to select one 
from each category.  This would create alot of Item Lookup Numbers if I have 
to do one for each.

BillFry (61)
3/28/2006 11:56:01 PM
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I have a similar problem with mattresses and mattress sets.  A dozen 
different models, each with at least seven different sizes and either sold 
separately or as sets with a box spring--which offers even more choices.

The number of ILCs required is insane and there is no good workaround, 
especially since you can't print price tags for assembly items.

Assembly is the way to go.  Kits will take the components out of the item 
inventory and need to be broken in order to sell the individual pieces.  I 
assume that you do not stock a bag for every ball.  I know that I don't stock 
a box spring for every mattress.

Until MS fixes the Assembly Price Tag Issue, you can limp along like this:
Create a separate database with the same ILCs as your assemblies.  Use the 
same pricing and descriptions.  You can print price tags from this database.

Oh, and search this group to find a thread where you can vote for 'Print 
Price Tags for Assemblies'.

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"We''ve always done it that way"
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"Bill Fry" wrote:

> I want to be able to create a kit or assembly, using a Matrix Item Lookup 
> Number.  I sell bowling equipment and the kit to contain the Matrix of one 
> particule ball with the various weights, shoes with various sizes and 
> different bags for one price.  When trying to do this, I have to select one 
> from each category.  This would create alot of Item Lookup Numbers if I have 
> to do one for each.
> Suggestions?
tomg1 (230)
3/29/2006 5:06:01 PM

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