Internet Orders #3

Is there still a way to download internet orders in RMS. I saw the 
functionality when I first installed the product, but am unable to find it 
now. Where do you put the server info at for the POS to download the 
internet orders?

I have a web firm that is making a web store for me, and I have a copy of a 
XML Yahoo receipt. I jsut cannot figure out where to tell RMS to download 
the orders from.

Thanks for the help,

Nick6962 (48)
10/13/2005 6:16:30 PM
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They have an add-in called Web Integrator that will download web sales in 
the Yahoo Stores DTD format and load them into the RMS Database correctly.

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
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newsgroup so that all can share the information

"Nick" <> wrote in message news:brx3f.2416$nE2.2392@fe03.lga...
> Is there still a way to download internet orders in RMS. I saw the 
> functionality when I first installed the product, but am unable to find it 
> now. Where do you put the server info at for the POS to download the 
> internet orders?
> I have a web firm that is making a web store for me, and I have a copy of 
> a XML Yahoo receipt. I jsut cannot figure out where to tell RMS to 
> download the orders from.
> Thanks for the help,
> Nick

glenn9672 (1267)
10/13/2005 8:40:20 PM

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