Going offline without write access to registry

I suggest that POS doesn't go offline if it can't write into registry, 
displaying a message box instead telling that it couldn't access the registry.

What happens if the POS machine goes offline without having access to edit 
the registry?
This typically happen when the user is a normal user (not a power user)
1.	The POS application will try to connect to the server main database 
within the pre-configured ‘Connect Timeout’ in the RMS Administrator 
(Typically 15 seconds)
2.	The application will then try to connect to the pre-defined offline 
database (which is usually stored locally) within the pre-defined ‘Connect 
Timeout’ for the offline database in the RMS Administrator.
3.	The POS application will supposedly succeed in connecting to the offline 
database (if it’s properly configured).
4.	The POS application will display a message telling that it’s working in 
offline mode and will TRY to change the “TerminalOffline” flag in 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Retail Management System\Quicksell 
Commerce\POS User\ from ‘False’ to ‘True’ but unfortunately will fail in 
changing this registry value.
5.	Instead of informing the user about failure in changing the registry 
value, the POS application will work offline without changing the registry 
value that’s a must to know its status and therefore resulting in unexpected 
behavior afterwards.
6.	The POS application will record its transactions locally in the offline 
database while working offline although the registry value “TerminalOffline” 
is still ‘False’.
7.	When the main database is back online, POS application is restarted, and 
will be able to connect to it since the network and the server are up
8.	The POS application will check the “TerminalOffline” flag too to know if 
there are some transactions to upload or not.
9.	The POS application will find the “TerminalOffline” flag set to ‘False’ 
(this shouldn’t happen) and therefore will do nothing except working normally 
in online mode as if it was never in offline mode (the POS application 
doesn’t know in this case that it was in offline mode).
10.	The offline transactions will not be uploaded to the main database and 
there will be no blind closed batches.

i know that the registry access could be given thru group policy or direct 
registry permissions,but my suggestion is just to inform the user that 
something went wrong so that they can handle it in the begining.

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9/18/2006 8:34:01 AM
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