Credit Card Receipt will Not Print After Changing CC Processor

We are running RMS 1.3 and recently changed from Mercury Payment Systems to 
Heartland Payments.  We were running 3rd party software call TPI, but are now 
running directly through RMS EDC.

Everything is working fine except now the credit card signature receipt does 
not print.  All of the fields are properly selected in the Tender Type.

Any suggestions?
Mike Hofer
MikeHofer (2)
5/14/2008 2:14:00 PM
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You should have stayed with Mercury! :o) 

TPI uses their own receipt format, therefore, you must redirect the receipt 
format to point to the default receipt in RMS.

"Mike Hofer" wrote:

> We are running RMS 1.3 and recently changed from Mercury Payment Systems to 
> Heartland Payments.  We were running 3rd party software call TPI, but are now 
> running directly through RMS EDC.
> Everything is working fine except now the credit card signature receipt does 
> not print.  All of the fields are properly selected in the Tender Type.
> Any suggestions?
> -- 
> Mike Hofer
Teresa (33)
5/15/2008 1:33:01 PM

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