Country, Phone and email showing inthe Bill to or Ship To fields

When we set a customer in Store Operations POS we need to verify some extra 
information in the Bill to and Ship to windows for shipping purposes.  Is 
there a way to display the Country, Phone number and the email address in 
these windows?  At the very least we need to be able to see the country.
WISPubs (11)
2/4/2009 10:42:22 PM
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Had a similar issue a few months ago where I needed to see customer email, 
phone, available balance, and account number - but the white boxes "bill to" 
and "ship to" aren't editable, so I got assistance on this newsgroup (think 
it was Jerry Data - thanks Jerry) on editing the status.HTML file.  I didn't 
have access to the customization document so it was trial and error, but 
here's what I ended up editing:

 End If

   	  txtStoreName.innerText = QSRules.Configuration.StoreName

   	  txtCustomLabel1.innerText = "Acct#:"
   	  txtCustomLabel2.innerText = "Phone:"
   	  txtCustomLabel3.innerText = "Acct Balance:"
   	  txtCustomLabel4.innerText = "E-mail:"

      If QSRules.Transaction.Customer.Loaded Then

   	     Custom1 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.AccountNumber
   	     Custom2 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.HomeAddress.PhoneNumber
   	     Custom3 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.AccountBalance
   	     Custom4 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.EmailAddress
   	  End If

In your case, your variables would be

 End If

   	  txtStoreName.innerText = QSRules.Configuration.StoreName

   	  txtCustomLabel1.innerText = "Acct#:"
   	  txtCustomLabel2.innerText = "Phone:"
   	  txtCustomLabel3.innerText = "Country:"
   	  txtCustomLabel4.innerText = "E-mail:"

      If QSRules.Transaction.Customer.Loaded Then

   	     Custom1 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.AccountNumber
   	     Custom2 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.HomeAddress.PhoneNumber
   	     Custom3 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.HomeAddress.Country
   	     Custom4 = QSRules.Transaction.Customer.EmailAddress
   	  End If

Make sure status.htm is the assigned file in "web status" in store ops 

Hope this helps...

"WIS Pubs" wrote:

> When we set a customer in Store Operations POS we need to verify some extra 
> information in the Bill to and Ship to windows for shipping purposes.  Is 
> there a way to display the Country, Phone number and the email address in 
> these windows?  At the very least we need to be able to see the country.
convoluted (621)
2/6/2009 3:20:11 PM

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