copy item cost to supplier cost field

I have customer that has an item cost in each item, but has no cost in 
supplier tab. Is there a sql statement that will copy the item cost into the 
supplier cost field?
Thanks for the help
DCR (67)
11/1/2006 6:37:01 PM
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here it is
UPDATE Supplierlist
set SupplierList.Cost=Item.Cost
WHERE Item.ID=SupplierList.ItemID
--AND Item.SupplierID=SupplierList.SupplierID
if u execute it as it is, it will update the cost for primary suppliers 
only, if u remove the comment (--) from the last line, it will update the 
cost for all the item's suppliers (primary & not primary)


"DCR" <> wrote in message
>I have customer that has an item cost in each item, but has no cost in
> supplier tab. Is there a sql statement that will copy the item cost into 
> the
> supplier cost field?
> Thanks for the help
> Dave 

ahmed.nashat (140)
11/2/2006 5:35:35 AM

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