Black & Decker DR550 7 Amp 1/2-Inch VSR Drill/Driver

Best deal:

 Black & Decker DR550 7 Amp 1/2-   Inch VSR Drill/Driver 

Item purchased as a gift and the recipent was well pleased.
This drill gives you that extra power you often need but never have around the house.
Well balanced and handles well.
I have had several cordless drill drivers. Even with modest use (less than once a month) the charging has failed after a few years, and there is no recourse at that point. 

I ordered this because it is wall-powered. With a 20 foot high quality cord, I am able to use it anywhere on my property. 

I am able to use it where it fits; most places a cordless would fit. 

The only down side is that the finger speed control, while good, is not as fine as on a cordless. 

For now, I stay with this one.
Before owning this Black & Decker drill, I got a couple Craftsman cordless drills as a gift.  With some planning, the larger cordless drill was handy.  But ultimately the irony was that the cordless drill and its advantage of convienince was actually inconvienient since it was never charged when I wanted to use it immediately.  I began to realize that I had to have a corded drill.

I bought this drill at a local big-box home improvement store for at Amazon's price and brought it home.

Out of the box it includes the drill, a chuck, small instruction manual and the registration card.  This is certainly a no-frills drill, but its got it where it counts.

7 amps of power rocks.  Plus it has a great handle for the other hand when you really need to control the drill or want to apply more pressure.  The cord length will require an extension cord (like all drills), but the drill chassis seems like it is built rock solid.  This is my new favorite toy!  It comes with a two-year warranty, and given the price/name brand, I wouldn't recommend this unit for commercial use (go with DeWalt, Hilti, or something of that ilk).  But for occasional around-the-house use, it can't be beat.

You could spend more for a household drill, but you don't need to.
This works great as a driver and as a drill. The power is controlled by the pressure on the trigger. I use it with an extension cord to make up for the short cord. After having bought other drivers, this will probably be the final drill or electric driver I will ever buy.  
This 1/2-inch corded drill/driver from Black & Decker has a rugged 7 amp motor that provides plenty of juice to handle even the most demanding tasks. It offers variable speed control for precision use in many different materials, plus a reversing function to help undo mistakes and remove screws, in case you change your mind.  Loaded with power and convenience features, the DR550 boasts Triple Gear Reduction to deliver extremely high torque -- plus metal gear housing for outstanding durability. Its reversing brush system gives you full power in both forward and reverse, and its jampot construction is designed for years of durability. This hardy model is created with longtime use in mind, with a mid-handle design for balance and a 2-finger trigger for unparalleled comfort and precision. It even has a soft-grip handle that gives your fingers plenty of traction, and a belt clip so you can stash the tool when it’s not in use -- not to mention a 360-degree side handle for true, outstanding control.  The DR550 has a 7 amp variable speed motor that operates from 0-800 rpm, with a 1/2-inch capacity in steel and a 1-1/2-inch capacity in wood. It includes a chuck key and holder, plus the 360-degree side handle with bit storage.   Applications: The DR550 drills holes in wood, metal, and plastic; it drives screws to fasten almost any material, assembles furniture, hangs pictures, and tweaks hardware with ease. This model is perfect for woodworking, home repair, or job site use.  What's in the box: Black & Decker 7 amp drill/driver, chuck key and holder, 360-degree side handle.
Ideal for drilling holes in and driving large fasteners through wood, metal, and plastic, this 1/2-inch drill/driver from Black & Decker owes its robust performance to a 7.0 Amp motor and a rough-and-tough design that tackles household jobs while resisting wear and tear. Featuring 100-percent metal gear housing that protects against damage, and a two-finger trigger for accuracy and longterm comfort, the DR550 offers a 1/2-inch capacity in steel and a 1-1/2-inch capacity in wood. Triple gear reduction also delivers the level of strength you need for more demanding jobs. As you work, you can count on the stability of your hold, thanks to the soft grips; there's even a 360-degree side handle for optimum control. When you're done working, store the tool in the belt clip so it's ready when you are.


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