What's going wrong in Outlook 2003?


When I installed the new Office 2003, I had no problems 
with Outlook 2003. I received and send mails whenever I 
want. A few days later, I get a message from outlook that 
Outlook could not make a connection with the server of my 
provider to get my mail on my computerb (I didn't change 
any settings!). I checked all my settings and there are 
good (I checked the mailserversettings, ports, etc) but 
the result is still the same: Outlook cannot make a 
connection with the mailserver. After that, I called my 
provider to ask them what to do. They told me that I must 
remove all the Norton programs and firewall's and I must 
remove Office 2003. After that, I must reinstall Office. 
The result is still the same, no connection with the 
mailserver of my provider.
When I remove Office 2003, there are many files that still 
on my computer. When I reinstalled Office, I can see the  
mails and settings of my previous installation(s), so I 
can not start with a "clean" installation of Office 2003.
Are there people who can help me and give me some tips to 
solve this problem? How could I remove Office complete and 
what can be the troubles with the connection with the 
mailserver of my provider?

I'm desperate, many thanks to the people who can help me!


AMD64, 3200+, 2* 512 MB Ram, Asus K8V-deluxe, Windows XP 
anonymous (74721)
12/22/2003 8:11:35 AM
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