Visual C++ Runtime Error stopping outlook 2002

I have a very strange problem that I need to ask for help 
with ..... I had MSN explorer and Outlook working 
together quite well for a while, with Outlook Connector 
working well to take my MSN and Hotmail emails into 

Then MSN Explorer and that email client started to get 
flaky, so I uninstalled them. That left Outlook 2002 
(with all current service packs) operating fine until 
yesterday when I started to get a lot of messages telling 
me that the Outlook Personal Folders had not been shut 
down properly (they had) and time was spent checking the 
folders before the programme opened.

Then all of a sudden after doing this check, it then came 
up with a big error message saying

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

(address of Outlook.exe program file)

This application has requested the runtime library to 
terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the 
application support team for more information 

I have since tried everything short of re-formatting my 
hard drive and re-installing everything. I have tried a 
repair installation of Office from the disk; then a full 
deletion and re-installation from disk but nothing will 
get Outlook to run - it justs give the termination 
message and as soon as I click OK Outlook exits.

What can I do - what is happening? Can anyone HELP <g>?

best regards

10/10/2004 7:13:26 PM
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