Upgrading Outlook problem

Hello Everyone,

When I upgrade Outlook 2000 from 97, in some instances I 
go to add service from the tool menu and the service 
option is not there. Accounts appears, but Service does 

Any ideas? thank you for any help.


mbrimeye (3)
8/8/2003 2:53:40 PM
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Thank you this was it! Maritza.
>-----Original Message-----
>Hi Maritza,
>Outlook 2000 can be configured in two completely 
different modes, "Corporate or Workgroup" and "Internet 
Mail Only."  If you open Outlook, then click on 
>Help > About, you should see that your machine is 
installed in "Internet Mail Only" mode.  To get "Services" 
back under the Tools > Options menu, you will 
>need to reconfigure your machine to run in Corporate or 
Workgroup mode.
>For more information on switching from one installation 
type to another,please refer to Knowledge Base article ID: 
195507.KB.EN-US, OL2000: Switching 
>from One Installation Type to Another.  You can access 
this article by clicking on the link below.
>Scott Atkins MCSE, MCSA
>Partner Technical Lead - Outlook
>Microsoft Technical Support
>for Platforms and Business Applications
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>>Hello Everyone,
>>When I upgrade Outlook 2000 from 97, in some instances I 
>>go to add service from the tool menu and the service 
>>option is not there. Accounts appears, but Service does 
>>Any ideas? thank you for any help.
mbrimeye (3)
8/8/2003 9:42:44 PM

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