Unable to Send/Receive -- Can't PING Email Server/IP Addresses

Hope someone can help:
Have the following programs,up to date:
--Outlook 2000
--Windows XP Pro(upgraded from Windows 2000Pro 2wks ago)
--Norton 2004 Firewall/Anti-Virus
Have DSL Internet, static IP address.

Started out this morning OK with Internet access and
sending receiving email through Outlook (non-ISP email

At some point, Internet access was interrupted: page
cannot display messages when trying to access homepage
and other sites. Tried 10 minutes later - OK
PROBLEM: Right after access interruption unable to
send/receive any email.

Telnet results to email server:"Could not open connection
to host on port 25" 
ISP is not blocking port 25; however, to test, changed 
settings to ISP's SMTP server -- same problems. Also 
did /flushdns

Ping results to any IP address: Time outs, 4 packets lost
Tracert results to email server: OK however computer just
before server is a "time out" (completes to email server)

Disabled Norton 2004 firewall and anti-spam, security
settings --- problem persists. New problem after 
disabling/enabling Norton features: each time boot up 
Outlook, receive a Runtime error.

Another problem occurred afternoon: internal error on
Norton LiveUpdate, instruction in message to re-install.

Noticed on Norton intrusion alerts log: over 2000
intrusion attempts MS_RPC_DCOM_BufferOverflow (all ISP's
IP addresses) Also reports over 6000 cookies permitted.

Could the email send/receive, and inabitlity to ping be
due to a router? Or, Norton firewall??

Any suggestions much appreciated. ISP's tech support
unable to indentify/solve.

anonymous (74719)
5/10/2004 11:01:00 PM
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