Sync of private data

I'm a long time user of Outlook and it's the primary tool I use to
keep organized.  I keep personal and business appointments, contacts
and tasks in Outlook and I sync that data with my BlackBerry.
Currently, my company does not use a company calendar, but we may
start using Exchange.  If so, I would like to prevent private data
from being synced with Exchange.

Specifically, I'm OK with the "private" functionality for contacts and
tasks.  But for appointments, I'd like to be able to:
- share the appointment normally, such as a business appointment
- show the time as blocked, but without details, this is the "private"
- not have it show up in exchange at all.

I've considered a separate calendar in Outlook, but I'm not sure what
would happen in terms of reminders and the BlackBerry sync.  The
Exchange server will likely be 2003.  I'm using Office 2003, but would
consider an upgrade to 2007 if it helps solve the problem.  I use the
Desktop Manager software that came with the BlackBerry, but would
consider a third party tool (if one exists) that will help address
this issue.

What options do I have?


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