Strange problem with some contact names / email senders


I have a strange Outlook problem which is really annyoing 
me at the moment!

I added someone to my contacts but whenever i reply to 
their email they're name isn't automatically filled in as 
it does with other people's email. Also, if i Create a 
New email message, it never auto-completes their name. 

(ie if is in my 
contacts under 'Babylon', sends me an email and i reply 
to it "To: " reads "Babylon <info@babylon->", but for this contact "To:" only 
ever displays their email address regardless of the fact 
they've entered a sender name too (ie From "their name 
here" rather than "their email address here")

I've added other contacts the exact same way and it 
worked fine. The person's email i'm having a problem with 
is using Lycos mail but i don't think it should really 
make any difference.

I've checked the contact information over, tried adding 
it manually, yadayade. Actually, any new contact i add 
now seems to have the same problem. Typing the first 
3 letters of their name or first 3 letters of their email 
address, auto complete doesn't show any suggestions 
(although the options are on, etc).

Any ideas?

info3897 (2)
7/23/2003 5:00:59 PM
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