Slow delivery

In my organisation we are using outlook 2000/XP with 
exchange server 2003.
The delivery of messages is slow, messages stay in outbox 
after being send until you click another folder.
Same with the inbox, clicking send and receive gives no 
response, but when you click another folder, messages are 
Can someone help me with this problem.

With kind regards.
anonymous (74718)
1/7/2004 7:10:27 AM
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The problem you're having is that the information (called "UDP packets")
that Exchange is sending to notify Outlook of changes to your mailbox is
being blocked by something.  Possible culprits are proxy servers, firewalls,
and routers.  Have your network administrator look at;en-us;815052 and see if
that might be the problem.  If you can't solve the network problem, you can
set the registry values in;en-us;Q305572 (Outlook
2002) or;en-us;Q304849
(Outlook 2000) to cause Outlook to poll Exchange rather than waiting for

Jeff Stephenson
Outlook Development
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"Stefaan Dewulf" <> wrote in message
> In my organisation we are using outlook 2000/XP with
> exchange server 2003.
> The delivery of messages is slow, messages stay in outbox
> after being send until you click another folder.
> Same with the inbox, clicking send and receive gives no
> response, but when you click another folder, messages are
> deliverd.
> Can someone help me with this problem.
> With kind regards.

stephenson (1245)
1/7/2004 7:57:00 PM

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