Setting up Outlook Connector

I have payed for msn premium service and wish to setup my 
outlook 2000 to send and receive mail through my hotmail 
account. Apparently, I need to use outlook connector. 
Where do I find this software? How do I set it up in 
outlook. SMTP? POP3?
anonymous (74723)
1/25/2004 3:22:08 PM
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If you are speaking of the Office Outlook Connector for MSN it has not 
released as of yet. When it does release however you will have to have 
Outlook 2002 (XP) or 2003 because the connector does not work with Outlook 

I hope this information is helpful.

Robert Findlay  
Partner Technical Lead -- Outlook/Office Setup
Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications

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>I have payed for msn premium service and wish to setup my 
>outlook 2000 to send and receive mail through my hotmail 
>account. Apparently, I need to use outlook connector. 
>Where do I find this software? How do I set it up in 
>outlook. SMTP? POP3?

1/28/2004 2:50:26 PM

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