Safe List filter not working

Actually, the JEF was set to 'Safe Lists.' Furthermore, I 
have no email addresses in my Contacts folder.  All of 
the addresses are in subfolders to the Contacts folder.  
That being the case, it should keep everything except 
emails from people on the safe lists out of the InBox, 
but that's not happening.  Much of the spam is being sent 
to the Junk E-Mail box, but not all of it.

Almost all of the spam that is slipping through into my 
InBox is coming from my account with  Might 
that have something to do with it ?

If not, does anyone have any ideas ?

Well you are not using the spam filter then.

To use the spam filter go to Tools-> Options-> tab 
Preferences-> button Junk 
E-mail Filter. Here you can configure the JEF to only use 
the safe list.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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"Michael" <> wrote in 
>I am using Outlook (not Express) 2003 operating under
> Windows XP Professional. I am a consultant, hence, I 
> several 'Address Book' sub-folders under 'Contacts' each
> containing the names and email addresses of the contacts
> at each client.
> I am being inundated with spam.  The only email I want 
> my InBox are those from people whose addresses I have in
> my Address Book subfolders.  I tried to use a filter
> using the following steps:
> 1) I went to Tools
> 2) clicked on Rules & Alerts,
> 3) clicked on 'New rule'
> 4) selected 'Move message from someone to a folder'
> 5) selected 'Sender is in specified Address Book
> 6) clicked on the highlited word 'Specified'[Address
> Book] in  the 'Step 2' dialog box and highlighted the
> first Address Book sub-folder
> 7) clicked on 'specified' [folder] and selected 'Inbox'
> 8) I clicked through the rest of the procedure, named 
> rule after the Address Book sub-folder and
> clicked 'Finish'
> 9) I repeated this process for every other sub-folder in
> my address book
> Despite these efforts and about 15 'rules' (i.e., one 
> each Address Book sub-folder), the spam continues to 
> into my InBox.
> Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and what I can do to
> get the filter to work, please ?  Thank you.


anonymous (74722)
8/20/2004 8:18:16 AM
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