Rules Wizard Help

I have a rule in the Rules Wizard that forwards on an email to 
distribution list that is received from a certain person.

I would like to have a rule that forwards on this email, but I woul
like to forward it with some set text as well.

For example, the email shows after being forwarded by the rule:

> ----------
> From: 	Person1
> Sent: 	Friday, February 20, 2004 6:52:37 AM
> To: 	DistributionList
> Auto forwarded by a Rule


However, after I would like it to forward some text as well when th
rule forwards it on:

Please login 30 minutes after you receive this email.

> ----------
> From: 	Person1
> Sent: 	Friday, February 20, 2004 6:52:37 AM
> To: 	DistributionList
> Auto forwarded by a Rule


Is anyone able to help???

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2/20/2004 10:15:23 AM
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I can only suggest using a template for your outgoing messages with th
required text on it.  However, you will need to set this as the defaul
which means that you will need to specify a different template for you
normal mail. This might be a bit cumbersome unless you want to do thi
when away from the office. To create a template, first create you
message (in Outlook editor not Word), then use File->Save As->Outloo
Template.  Hope this helps.  Phil

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2/20/2004 5:02:12 PM

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