Restore archive pst after moving to new computer

I want to use the archive feature, but am afraid that after I buy a new 
computer and move outlook to the new machine that I wont be able to properly 
migrate the archive data to the new machine also.  Any advise on how to do 


12/6/2007 3:46:03 PM
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moondaddy <moondaddy@newsgroup.nospam> wrote:

> I want to use the archive feature, but am afraid that after I buy a
> new computer and move outlook to the new machine that I wont be able
> to properly migrate the archive data to the new machine also.  Any
> advise on how to do this?
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
tillman1952 (16053)
12/6/2007 7:51:53 PM

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