Rebuild/rename exchange server

Hi, apologies for the crosspost but think it is valid...

I have exchange 2003 standard running on one server on my network. The box 
it is running on is being rebuilt and renamed, and exchange reinstalled 
(disaster recovery mode) and restored.

My question is that all my clients (OL2003) are set to point to the old 
server name, and I need to point them all at the new server name. Can anyone 
advise the best way of doing this?


steve9420 (1)
7/15/2005 4:11:34 PM
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I think they automatically look for the new server once the old one is 
decommissioned, but I'm not running E2K3 here. They did do a migration at my 
last job without touching any PC's to point Outlook to the new server(s). It 
just happened automatically. Hopefully someone in the Exchange newsgroup can 
give you a definitive answer. 
K. Orland
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"steve" wrote:

> Hi, apologies for the crosspost but think it is valid...
> I have exchange 2003 standard running on one server on my network. The box 
> it is running on is being rebuilt and renamed, and exchange reinstalled 
> (disaster recovery mode) and restored.
> My question is that all my clients (OL2003) are set to point to the old 
> server name, and I need to point them all at the new server name. Can anyone 
> advise the best way of doing this?
> Thanks,
> steve 
KOrland1 (1012)
7/15/2005 7:24:01 PM

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