Re: Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 problems...with Exchange 2003

I have the solution!!

just change at "Active Directory Users and Computers" for every user the
email address from
(example) gicio@gicio.local to
AND it's works!!!



<> wrote in message news:...
> Hi!
> I have the same problem in both applications (outlook XP/2003 beta).
> I have two E-mail accounts.
> 1. is an exchange account (current set as default)
> 2. a private email account
> when I send internal mails (in the office) outlook use the exchange
> I set (that is OK!).
> but when I will send an external email (for example to
> ;) )
> Outlook use also the exchange server to send the email and I get an error
> message.
> The only possibility to send external mails is for me to set the email
> account by hand for every
> outgoing mail.
> The proble doesn't exist with outlook 2000.
> Outlook 2000 automatically use the second email account when it see that
> mail must
> be send to an extrenal account.
> How can I set Outlook XP / Outlook 2003 beta to do the same as Outlook
> regards,
> gicio

gicio (27)
9/22/2003 2:39:31 PM
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