Problem with OWA


From Outlook Web Access, when I create a new meeting and I choose a
ressource, the ressource don't tell me that the reservation is ok.
Moreover, the ressource don't put her status to "occupied".

But, if I create the same meeting from Outlook, I don't have this problem.
I will be notified and the ressource will be occupied.

Is it a bug or how can I fixe the problem?

Thanks in advance!

5/25/2006 7:58:40 PM
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Post to an Exchange group as OWA is a part of Exchange, not Outlook. would be a good place to start.

Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook]

Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact.  All
unsolicited mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without

After furious head scratching, Postmaster asked:

| Hi,
| From Outlook Web Access, when I create a new meeting and I choose a
| ressource, the ressource don't tell me that the reservation is ok.
| Moreover, the ressource don't put her status to "occupied".
| But, if I create the same meeting from Outlook, I don't have this
| problem. I will be notified and the ressource will be occupied.
| Is it a bug or how can I fixe the problem?
| Thanks in advance! 

MillyS (3228)
5/26/2006 1:46:29 AM

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