Problem linking my msn account to gmail

I tried adding my msn account to my gmail account so I could check all
of my email accounts at gmail.  Everytime I try to add it I get a
error message that says "connection timed out".  Does anyone know how
to work around this to make linking this account successful?
whb1326 (1)
1/24/2008 3:16:29 AM
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Wrong group, we're just outlook, not msn or gmail support :)  I didn't think 
gmail could access msn accts because they aren't pop3.

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<> wrote in message
> I tried adding my msn account to my gmail account so I could check all
> of my email accounts at gmail.  Everytime I try to add it I get a
> error message that says "connection timed out".  Does anyone know how
> to work around this to make linking this account successful? 

outlookmvp (5838)
1/24/2008 5:06:23 AM <> wrote:

> I tried adding my msn account to my gmail account so I could check all
> of my email accounts at gmail.  Everytime I try to add it I get a
> error message that says "connection timed out".  Does anyone know how
> to work around this to make linking this account successful?

You can't add one account to another account.  Please describe exactly what 
you did.  Include your Outlook version and what account types you're using 
for each account.
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] 

tillman1952 (16053)
1/24/2008 12:57:43 PM

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