post SP3 problem

Since I installed sp3 for office XP and I am running into error. Mostly that
outlook "think there another program is trying to access e-mail addresses I
have stored  in outlook. Do you want to allow this" when I try to open an
e-mail or respond to an e-mail.

Any idea.


8/2/2004 3:55:51 PM
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See, particularly
the instructions for removing the PDFMaker COM add-in frm Outlook.

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"Dooma" <> wrote in message
> Since I installed sp3 for office XP and I am running into error. Mostly
> outlook "think there another program is trying to access e-mail addresses
> have stored  in outlook. Do you want to allow this" when I try to open an
> e-mail or respond to an e-mail.
> Any idea.
> Thanks,

suemvp (4038)
8/2/2004 5:00:22 PM

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