POP3 conflict OL2000/2003

I have a problem affecting W2K users having roaming 
profiles and different versions of Outlook installed on 
different computers.  I wonder if anyone has a solution to 
this other than the most obvious to just upgrade everyone 
to Office 2003 right away.  

Network is W2K Server with W2K Pro workstation.  All users 
have roaming profiles.

User's Desktop has Office 2003 Professional installed.  
Outlook 2003 is configured for both Exchange 2000 and POP3 

User's Notebook still has Office 2000 Professional 
installed.  Outlook on it was configured identically.

Once the user's profile that was saved from the desktop 
machine replaces the one on the notebook, the notebook no 
longer has any POP3 accounts listed, the Exchange Server 
is still there, but attempting to recreate the POP 
accounts fails if you give the accounts the same names 
they had (have on the 2003 machine), claiming they already 
exist.  If you give them different names, they will take 
but only exist until the next time the desktop's profile 
replaces the notebook.  On the desktop, it seems to only 
be possible to send mail via the Exchange Server, even if 
one of the POP accounts was explicitly selected.

Is it possible for 2003 and 2000 to coexist in a roaming 
profile environment?

anonymous (74722)
1/23/2004 9:58:04 PM
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