Plain text messages are not readable

Hi everyone, sure hope someone can help.

I am running Office 2003, with XP Pro.

Apparently I have inadvertently changed a setting, because all emails 
received in Plain Text are not readable. I can open them OK, but there is 
nothing in the body of the message.

Additionally, if I create a new contact or calendar item, any info I enter 
in the fields for "subject", "location", "name", "job title", etc. appears 
OK. But any info I enter in the body of the appointment, or the contact, does 
not appear. However, once I save the new item, then the data appears on the 
screen. If I open the item back up, the info in the body disappears.

Does anyone know what's going on??

Thanks you guys for any help.

Jim8980 (510)
3/2/2006 4:36:18 PM
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