Plain Text Emails From Outlook Web Access

Does anyone know how to send plain text emails from 
Outlook web access?  The only options I can find are to 
send them using different fonts.

Any ideas, please email at

orlando1 (1)
12/22/2003 2:41:48 PM
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Well, considering OWA is HTML... you could configure it on the server - 
compose in HTML, convert to plain text when it's sent but it would apply to 
all messages.

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"Mike Orlando" <> wrote in message 
> Does anyone know how to send plain text emails from
> Outlook web access?  The only options I can find are to
> send them using different fonts.
> Any ideas, please email at
> Thanks! 

dianenws (1904)
12/23/2003 2:47:07 AM

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