path of .pst file

Hello everyone,
I want to develop a stand alone application to send and recieve mails 
through MS can i retrieve the path of .pst file from .net 
application. actually i am thinking of reading the pst file of MS Outlook. 
is it possible?

Thanks in Advance

jagarwal (1)
4/25/2006 6:38:31 AM
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The pst file is stored in the profile path of the MSOUTLOK

racniro (6)
4/25/2006 7:47:17 AM
Since the path of the pst can be varied by the user, as can its name, ie it
neednt be in the install default path, your app would first have to search
for the pst, then you would have to figure out if it/which was the current
There are alleged to be third party apps that can read a pst, so presumably
this is possible.
OL will not send any mail unless it is open, and polling.
Perhaps just use the default mail handlers to create the mail and send (to

"Jyoti Agarwal" <> wrote in message
> Hello everyone,
> I want to develop a stand alone application to send and recieve mails
> through MS can i retrieve the path of .pst file from .net
> application. actually i am thinking of reading the pst file of MS Outlook.
> is it possible?
> Thanks in Advance
> jyoti

dl6256 (276)
4/25/2006 4:39:52 PM

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