Outlook/VBScript: I want to retrieved EntryID from TaskItem class

Hi, I have a question concerning the EntryID from the TaskItem class
in Outlook. Here's my question I would like to stored the EntryID in
an Access Database at the same time that I am saving the rest of the
information (DueDate, Owner, Subject...etc) in my table. I do not know
if it is possible. My Problem is that the EntryID does not seems to
appears when I am saving the Recordset in my Item_Write event. I do
not know if it is created after the Item_Write event. I have tried by
putting the EntryID in the Item_Close event but I am not getting the
value. I am using VBScript. Is there anyway to catch the ID before
closing the Task Windows. Does anyone have a clue about it? Thanks
5/5/2004 3:41:36 PM
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Hello JayEff,

You can access the EntryId after saving an item.


Thomas Wetzel
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wetzel1 (79)
5/5/2004 6:06:14 PM
"Thomas Wetzel" <wetzel@wisco.de> wrote in message news:<c7ba90$49v$01$1@news.t-online.com>...
> Hello JayEff,
> You can access the EntryId after saving an item.

I was not able to see the entryID in the item_write event in vbscript
but I did see it in the item_close. That was enough for me to update
my recordset.
5/6/2004 7:46:04 PM

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