Outgoing e-mail still left in outbox


Can anyone please let me know what the problem may be 
with my Microsoft 2000 Outlook?  I have checked all of my 
settings, POP3, SMTP, and passwords.  My account that I 
am using is set as the default, but my e-mails will not 
leave the outbox.  It seems to be going through the 
proper actions, and says that completed the function 
successfully, but the e-mails are still there, and it 
says out to side, "None" sent!

anonymous (74723)
6/23/2004 1:25:02 PM
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Try deleting and resending your messages. I have had this 
problem and usually there is one message acting as a road 
>-----Original Message-----
>Can anyone please let me know what the problem may be 
>with my Microsoft 2000 Outlook?  I have checked all of 
>settings, POP3, SMTP, and passwords.  My account that I 
>am using is set as the default, but my e-mails will not 
>leave the outbox.  It seems to be going through the 
>proper actions, and says that completed the function 
>successfully, but the e-mails are still there, and it 
>says out to side, "None" sent!
anonymous (74723)
6/23/2004 2:20:57 PM

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