OL2003 will not use default email account for sending emails

I have copied the following from an earlier message within this group.
A recommendation was posted, but did not help the original poster nor
myself in resolving the issue.  I have noticed this problem within the
past 24 hours and can not overcome.  Here is the original post from a
couple months ago:

:>I am running Office Pro 2003 SP1
:>I have read several postings and accept that Outlook will reply to
:>mails via the account the was received from. However, i have added a
:>new account and set it as default, but mail still gets sent from my
:>other account.
:>This even happens when i select the account from within the new
:>mail... the message says 'This message will be sent via
:>mail.mydefaultdomain.com'.. but its actually gets sent via the non
:>default account..
:>How do i sort this as it is really annoying.. 

The primary difference between my plight and the original poster's is
the fact my default email account has been used for years (i.e., I did
not just recently add it).  I have attempted changing the default
account and while it works like a charm for the different email
accounts I have set up, when I select my primary email POP3 provider
as my default account (again, which I have used for years and various
iterations of OL have accepted as my default from email address)
OL2003 will now not use the selected account for the "from" email
address-- even when this account is manually selected from the list of
eligible accounts from which to use within an email being composed.

Please help!


3/26/2005 2:48:08 PM
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