OL2003 Signature Bug?

I have four pop-mail accounts in a single profile. I'll 
call the Accounts A, B, C, and D.  "A" is the default 
account.  In OL2003, you are able to create a different 
signature for each account.

I have created "New Message" and "Reply-to/Forward 
Message" signatures for two of the accounts (A and C). 
When creating a new message, the signature for A appears 
correctly by default.  If I switch the "send from" account 
to C, the signature for C replaces the signature for A.  
This is expected.  If instead, I switch to accounts B or 
D, the signature is removed.  This is expected as well.  
However, if I switch from an account that does not have a 
signature, to an account that does have a signature, the 
signature is not displayed.  The account switching is done 
prior to inputing recipient, subject or body content.

Account A > Account C > Account A - Correct signature 
Account A > Account C > Account B - No signature shown as 
Account A > Account B > Account C - No signature shown / 
not expected.  Should have shown the signature for C.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or know if it is 
a bug?

Windows XP Professional 2002 SP1 (all patches applied)
Microsoft Outlook Professional 2003 (Build 11.5609.5703 
all patches applied)


anonymous (74719)
4/17/2004 7:44:36 AM
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