Need help moving Outlook folder

I'm using Outlook 2002.

My primary email account uses IMAP and I added it to 
Outlook using <Tools> <Email Accounts ...> <Add a new 
email account>.

I noticed that Outlook created a file for this account in 
the directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application 

This file obviously contains the email that has been 
downloaded from my email account, since the file size 
grows and shrinks as mail is added or deleted.

However, I would like to move this file from its default 
location to another hard drive. The reason is that the 
other hard drive is encrypted, and I want all my personal 
data (including email) to be stored to the encrypted 

I cannot figure out a way to move the file. If I go to 
<File> <Data File Management ...> in the menu, I see the 
email account and the file associated with it, in the 
directory mentioned above. However, clicking on 
<Settings> in the dialog box does not give me an option 
to change the drive/directory for this file.

Is there some way to choose a custom location for the 

anonymous (74721)
10/30/2003 4:37:50 PM
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