My system shuts down when working in Word

Some documents in Word cause the system to shut.  Drive lights are still on; 
but, not able to access.  Have tried searching for viruses, but, none found.  
Anybody having this problem?
Legales1 (1)
5/27/2006 8:06:01 AM
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Hello Legales1,

I'm not sure this is an Outlook question (you might want to post in the Word 
newsgroups) but it would be helpful if you told us at least what version 
of Word you're using and what's unusual about those documents.

Ben M. Schorr - MVP
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

> Some documents in Word cause the system to shut.  Drive lights are
> still on; but, not able to access.  Have tried searching for viruses,
> but, none found.  Anybody having this problem?

bens1040 (30)
5/27/2006 9:20:54 AM

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