multiple emails sent after anti-virus installed

I installed Norton Anti Virus 2004.  Now, whenever I send 
an email with an attachment, my recipients get multiple 
copies - sometimes as many as 12 -  but the attachments 
are unreadable.

I have Outlook 2000 on Windows 98 SE.
anonymous (74722)
1/28/2004 10:49:09 AM
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From memory, in your account options (or under Tools | Options | Mail
Delivery), do you have the option set to split a message once it reaches a
specific size?

Other things to check for...

* Make sure message format is set to plain text or html (rich text is
proprietary and only outlook understands it)
* Consider disabling Microsoft Word as your e-mail editor
* Check your encoding (do not set outlook to User defined)
* Last but not least, make sure that Norton AV's addin into Outlook is not
causing issues.  (Symantec tends to hook in two different ways.  Check Tools
| Options | Other | Advanced Options | Addin Manager and/or COM addins.  The
other way it hooks is by changing your mail server properties to localhost.)

Neo [MVP Outlook]
Due to recent events in spam and malicious programs, all e-mails sent to
this account will be deleted w/out reading.

"Stephen Cohen" <> wrote in message
> I installed Norton Anti Virus 2004.  Now, whenever I send
> an email with an attachment, my recipients get multiple
> copies - sometimes as many as 12 -  but the attachments
> are unreadable.
> I have Outlook 2000 on Windows 98 SE.

neoheart (690)
1/28/2004 12:08:17 PM

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