I, too, am having 'difficulty' migrating email folders from OE to Outlook;  I tried copying the folder 'Exchange' which is supposed to contain the "Exported" folders.  I could not Import them.  I traced the 'save' mail process, and found a file under Windows/Applications that contained the folders; so i copied them to cdr; they are designated as dbx files.  I copied them to a folder on the new C drive.  And tried to import them:  "Mail folder could not be opened"  When i d click on the folder in Outlook, nothing opens; but when i d-click on the folder in Windows Explorer, all the folders open.  I thot maybe that the cd writer flagged the files as 'archive' (like it did in Quicken) so i went into properties, and tried to change it, but nothing worked.
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3/4/2004 7:26:11 PM
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Eric <anonymous@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

> I, too, am having 'difficulty' migrating email folders from OE to
> Outlook;  I tried copying the folder 'Exchange' which is supposed to
> contain the "Exported" folders.  I could not Import them.  I traced
> the 'save' mail process, and found a file under Windows/Applications
> that contained the folders; so i copied them to cdr; they are
> designated as dbx files.  I copied them to a folder on the new C
> drive.  And tried to import them:  "Mail folder could not be opened"
> When i d click on the folder in Outlook, nothing opens; but when i
> d-click on the folder in Windows Explorer, all the folders open.  I
> thot maybe that the cd writer flagged the files as 'archive' (like it
> did in Quicken) so i went into properties, and tried to change it,
> but nothing worked.

You don't jave to copy ANY folders from OE to OL.  Outlook Express's Export
will only export to Outlook and will automatically create the same folders
there as are in Outlook Express.  Just configure Outlook first, then use
File>Export in Outlook Express.  You can even leave Outlook running and
watch as the messages get created in Outlook.
Brian Tillman

Tillmabg (988)
3/4/2004 8:01:42 PM

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