Messaging Confusion

Forgive me if this isnt the right forum for what I am about to query.

I will paste two blocks of messaging codes below, both using CDO, but
different in implementation. The first block I will refer to as Block1 and
the second Block2. First off, let me say I am confused because even though
the two are CDO technologies, they are different - having different
properties and methods. For the most part, I want to use Block2, because it
synchronizes with my local copy of Outlook 2003 - IOW: The Outbox will show
that there is a message going out after I execute the Send method. What I
find missing in Block2, that is available to Block1, is the HTMLBody
property. To make an already long post short, let me skip to the chase here.
I have a function that returns a table in HTML , how can I get Block2 to
send the table ,  not the markup text? It had a TextBody property but no
HtmlBody. Or, how can I setup Block1 so that it syncs with my Outlook

Sub CDOSender()
    Dim objMessage As Object

    Set objMessage = CreateObject("CDO.Message")                  'Create
the message object.

    With objMessage
        .From = """Wayne""<>"
        .To = ""
        .Subject = "An Email From Active Call Center."
        '.TextBody = "This is some sample message text.."
         .HTMLBody = strHTML
        .AddAttachment ("c:\working\access\wayneallcounty.mdb")   'Add

        With .Configuration.Fields

..Item("") =

..Item("") =

..Item("") =

..Item("") =

..Item("") = "wn"

..Item("") = 25

..Item("") = False

) = 60
        End With

        .Send                                             'Send message
    End With
End Sub

Sub CDO()
    Dim Msg As Object, AddrEntries As Object, AddrEntry As Object, Sess As
Object, AddrListColl As Object
    Dim AddrListsColl As Object, AddrList As Object, Attchmt As Object
    Dim fAddressExist As Boolean, Recips As Object, Recip As Object
    Dim fso As FileSystemObject, RecFile As File, TS As TextStream,
AllCountyFile As File
    Dim AttachFile$
    Const CdoFileData& = 1

    Set Sess = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")
    Sess.Logon ProfileName:="Outlook", NewSession:=False

    If Sess Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "Unable to logon to MAPI messaging system"
    End If

    Set AddrListsColl = Sess.AddressLists
    Set AddrList = AddrListsColl(1)
    Set AddrEntries = AddrList.AddressEntries
    Set AddrEntry = AddrEntries(1)
    Set Msg = Sess.Outbox.Messages.Add

    With Msg
        .Subject = "yayaya"
        .Text = "(TS)"
        Set Recip = .Recipients.Add
        Recip.Name = AddrEntry.Name
        Set Attchmt = .Attachments.Add(AllCountyFilename, 0, CdoFileData,
    End With

End Sub

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JonWayne <> wrote:

> Forgive me if this isnt the right forum for what I am about to query.

Try news://
Brian Tillman
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