message was received blank, the content disappeared

(I posted this on Exchange group, but i feel it may be useful to post
it in here as well)

Dear all,

Here is the weird situation-

Users A, B and C are all from the same company, one of my clients.
This morning, A sent an email to both B and C - B received it okay,
but C received it with a blank message body.
Both B and C are laptop users using Outlook 2003 cache mode, they were
both out of the office at the moment.
I used OWA to check all 3 users mailboxes
- A did send the message with something in the content
- B did receive the message with the correct content
- C did receive the message, BUT the content is blank

C used to mention that he configured his Outlook 2003 as "Download
headers only", because he always works with a very slow internet
connection and this setting gives effeciency. Maybe this setting is
the culprit? Well, i am not sure, it is only a setting within
not Exchange though.
(Tools | Options | Mail Setup | Send/Receive | Edit | "Download
headers only")

The server is Exchange 2003 SP2.

The same problem happened to C a few times in the past. It was even
much stranger a few weeks ago -
User A sent an email to C in the morning, C saw the content in
pane. But the message content became blank when C opened it up in the

Any thoughts?
I am Really curious on the answer behind this mistery.

Thanks a lot


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12/19/2007 10:31:37 PM
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