Keep an online copy of you Outlook data that you can synchronize across several locations and access it via web broswers


If you are an MS Outlook user, then you can try for 30 days completely
free! please read the details below!

Whether you are looking to backup your Microsoft Outlook data like
contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and To-Do List, or you are looking to
backup your mobile phone, PDA, or PocketPC address book, InSynch
Outlook Synchronization Service, is the service that can help any user
who has multiple locations or within a workgroup to enhance the team
work, by having a central backup on our server of his Microsoft Outlook
2000, 2002, XP or Microsoft Outlook 2003, calendar, address book,
journal, to-do list, tasks and notes. Then he can access this central
backup from the web or have it synchronized with any location where he
uses his Microsoft Outlook. Also as a bonus the service comes with a
free 25 MB mail box that can be used as POP3 or through web interface,
with antivirus protection and anti spam system.

Just visit:, and sign up for a 30 days
free account, no payment required, nothing!

What are you waiting for? Register now for your 30 days FREE TRIAL

Best regards

InSynch Team

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In, <> typed:
> Hello,
> If you are an MS Outlook user, then you can try for 30 days completely
> free! please read the details below!

Please don't spam the newsgroups. If you work for a company that provides 
software or services that might help someone posting a specific problem, 
include the info there. Or expect to be ignored, if you post it unsolicited, 
and without anything indicating "I'm selling a relevant product" in the 
subject line. 

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