Importing into Oulook beta

Had backup installed on outlook 2003.
This transferred to Outlook Beta fine when I transferred.
Used it to back-up all Outlook files.

Have just re-formatted.
1. Can't install Outlook Backup from Microsoft site. - it says that Outlook 
isn't found on my computer.
2. If I try to import the .PST file, (not using Backup) it locks up and 
after that, the cursor disappears behind Outlook window. Only redemable 
using system restore.

I want to get my folders, mail  and settings back.
Any ideas?

nmm457 (1)
10/18/2006 7:00:43 PM
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NOTTNICK <> wrote:

> Now........
> 1. Can't install Outlook Backup from Microsoft site. - it says that
> Outlook isn't found on my computer.

I can't answer this.

> 2. If I try to import the .PST file, (not using Backup) it locks up
> and after that, the cursor disappears behind Outlook window. Only
> redemable using system restore.

Never import from or export to a PST unless you LIKE losing information. 
There's simply is no need.  Open the PST in OUtlook with FIle>Open>Outlook 
Data File.
Brian Tillman 

tillman1952 (16053)
10/18/2006 7:28:43 PM

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