Hyperlink on in-coming mail not working

We are unable to open any links that appear on any mail 
that offers this option.  Instead we have to copy the 
shortcut and then paste it on the internet.

Would appreciate it if somebody could tell me what to do.

Thank you,

anonymous (74722)
1/28/2004 10:53:28 PM
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Have you had any luck resolving this? I am having the 
same problem and have had no luck in tracking down an 
>-----Original Message-----
>We are unable to open any links that appear on any mail 
>that offers this option.  Instead we have to copy the 
>shortcut and then paste it on the internet.
>Would appreciate it if somebody could tell me what to do.
>Thank you,
anonymous (74722)
1/31/2004 8:37:31 PM

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