How to Save Email, without extra folder being created

Whenever I try to save an email in Outlook 2007 to a customer file, an 
additional folder gets created. Is there a way around this. It looks like 
saving it as an .mht file, but is there a way to have outlook 2007 
automatically default to this save as type?
Stoney (3)
4/28/2009 8:51:01 PM
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No, you cant pick a default save as type, but you might be able to use VBA 
to automate it.

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"Stoney" <> wrote in message
> Whenever I try to save an email in Outlook 2007 to a customer file, an
> additional folder gets created. Is there a way around this. It looks like
> saving it as an .mht file, but is there a way to have outlook 2007
> automatically default to this save as type? 

outlookmvp (5838)
4/28/2009 11:52:34 PM
Not sure I understand your problem, but I've had something similar which may 
When saving to customer file using Express, one just 'saves' as a email.  in 
Outlook there's a drop down menu with several format choices.  Use number 
three 'Outlook Message format' - this also saves any attachments to that 
email, and from then on works exactly like Express.

"Stoney" wrote:

> Whenever I try to save an email in Outlook 2007 to a customer file, an 
> additional folder gets created. Is there a way around this. It looks like 
> saving it as an .mht file, but is there a way to have outlook 2007 
> automatically default to this save as type?
Eric1 (389)
4/29/2009 10:34:03 AM

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