How to prevent users changing details in Contacts List

Hi All,
After entering the contact details in the contact form, How to preven
users from changing the details through the Conacts List ??
We have customised the contact form for not entering the non-codepag
1252 characters into the form. But, there is a possibility that use
may do the trick by entering the non-codepage 1252 characters into th
contact details through contacts list by clicking on a particula
record with the help of a mouse and directly editing there.
As per our requirement, the contact details shall be synchronised t
Siebel through Exchange Server. 

Please suggest me how to avoid users editing the contact record
through Contact List.

Thanks & Regards
Satish Boddapat

Satish Boddapati
10/10/2006 1:53:42 PM
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Satish Boddapati <> wrote:

> After entering the contact details in the contact form, How to prevent
> users from changing the details through the Conacts List ??

I don't see how you can prevent a person from changing the contents of his 
or her own mailbox.  They're the owners.  They can do what they want.
Brian Tillman 

tillman1952 (16053)
10/10/2006 7:14:02 PM

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