How to delete Outlook 2000 imported contacts

Please help.

I accidentally use Outlook 2000 export and import tools import contacts
into my Outlook 2000 contacts. Are there any ways to delete all imported
contacts? Thanks a lot.


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2/12/2004 5:40:51 AM
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Hi Amon,

There is no way to automatically delete all of your duplicate contacts at once, but if you change your view in Outlook to "Phone List," you can then sort all of your contacts by the last modified date, and 
all of the imported contacts will be together.  You can then select all of these contacts and delete them at one time.


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>Please help.
>I accidentally use Outlook 2000 export and import tools import contacts
>into my Outlook 2000 contacts. Are there any ways to delete all imported
>contacts? Thanks a lot.

scatki (156)
2/15/2004 2:02:01 AM

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