how do I create templates in Outlook email

Could someone please tell me how I can create new 
templates for Outlook email? I've tried and I can't get 
anything to work.


sjbabis (1)
7/17/2003 4:21:01 PM
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Open MS Outlook, Select File -> New -> Mail Message
Design your Template
Select File -> Save As
'Save As Type' change this to Outlook Template (*.Oft)
Give the email message a name.
Select the folder you wish to save the email.
Click on Save

To use this new template 

open Explorer (or my computer) find and hightlight the 
template you have just save and open it like you would any 
other file


>-----Original Message-----
>Could someone please tell me how I can create new 
>templates for Outlook email? I've tried and I can't get 
>anything to work.
7/17/2003 4:33:39 PM

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