Folder List View Save?

Using Outlook 2003 on Win 2k Server.

I prefer to use the Folder List view for my Personal Folders.  I'm having a
problem with Outlook remembering which folders were expanded when I close
and later reopen Outlook.

For example, if I have this folder hierarchy under  Personal Folders:

Let's say that I don't want to take up the screen space to show the
subfolders under "C".  I collapse that folder, and it now looks like this:

I then exit Outlook, shut the PC off and go home.  The next day, I start
everything up, and its still showing the subfolders under "C".  Obviously
this is a very simple example.  I have a client folder which goes as deep as
8 levels.  Seems like every time I expand down to a low level, then collapse
it back, the next time I go to Outlook it will still show that expanded

What's the trick to get Outlook to remember how you left your folder view?

John Schneider

5/25/2004 2:19:48 AM
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